The Key Elements of Great Dogs

Reasons Why People Own Dogs

There are very many benefits of owning a dog. Dogs are very much friendly to humans and easily interact with humans. Dogs depict a friendlier nature to humans more than other pets do. Dogs don’t need too much attention or maintenance. Dogs just need food and shelter from their owner’s anything else they don’t care about. Dogs work for their masters without complains or delays provided they are well fed. All dogs are not the same regarding the breed. They come in different sizes and colors. When you want to buy a dog; the breed determines the cost. Some breeds are known to be more reliable as the can learn fast and can survive different environments.

People rare dogs mainly because of security reasons. Dogs are very active in securing a homestead. When provoked dogs can be very much dangerous and can cause harm. A dog marks its territory which is the particular homestead it lives. Dogs have a strong sense of smell which is utilized by humans I many ways. The sense of smell is the strongest in dogs, and they use it in detecting intrusions from outside their territory. When a dog barks the owner is alert that there is something unusual happening. It’s impossible to get in a homestead where there is a healthy dog unnoticed .

The dog unit is a fundamental unit in police department and military because of the friendly nature of the dogs and their strong senses of smell. They can detect familiar smells to certain drugs. They are used in driving out culprits from their hideout. It’s very easy to train dogs on what to do when they catch terrorists and the lawbreakers. Some people have been trained how to deal with the dogs and specially trained ones since they are extra fierce. This is an advantage to humans since they use them for defense anytime they are in danger. Dogs are swift and can run faster than humans, and that’s why police use them when possible culprits escape.

Dog provide people with the company. When one is in distress dogs can help minimize the feeling. Dogs and humans like playing, and that’s why they find it easier to live together. The friendly nature of dogs allow humans to pet them and relieve stress. Parents keep dogs in their house for kids to play with when they are not in the house. Parents can easily teach their kids about courage and humility using the example of a dog.

Less interactive humans can learn the same by interacting with these animals. Through them people appreciate the importance of having company in their lives. Due to dogs high speed of running people train with them. Humans enjoy having dogs for various important reasons.
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