Renting a Computer While Traveling to a Foreign Country

Traveling is great. Having your much needed electronics fail while traveling is not so great. I was traveling on assignment, and my computer failed. A shop told me they could have it fixed in a few days when a part would arrive. Not the instant service I was used to where I lived. I needed to access my cloud services and submit an article for publication in 12 hours. I looked for a laptop on rent in Bangalore so that I could work in the privacy of the place I was staying at. The company dropped off the computer and picked it up when I no longer needed it. It was better than having to buy a new computer in a foreign country.

The rental service company provides a lot of other things people need too. I saw at their website everything from costumes to cameras to even wheelchairs. They are a full service rental company that provides things people in the area need on a routine basis. I know these rental companies are all over the place back where I am from, but I had never noticed them here in Bangalore when I have visited before. The service sure came in handy for me when I needed it.

The computer was easy to switch to English to make it easier for me to type my article. I carry a separate keyboard with me because I cannot stand laptop keyboards, so it was no different than using my own computer. I accessed my cloud services, prepared my article and submitted it. My editor looked it over, suggested a revision, I did that and sent it again. That was it, and I was done with the need for the computer for the rest of the trip. I called the rental company, and they picked the laptop up.